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Shasta-Trinity-Siskiyou Counties Trusted Defense Attorney

The F.M. Zavala Law Firm, Inc.

Trusted Defense Attorney Francisco M. Zavala is an experienced, successful, and aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyer with a local and national reputation for winning many trials.

Francisco M. Zavala has been a criminal defense attorney for over 25 years. Attorney Zavala’s practice is devoted exclusively to Criminal Defense in Siskiyou, Trinity and Shasta County. Attorney Zavala has been successful in obtaining not guilty verdicts and dismissals of cases ranging from:

  • DUI

  • Wet and Reckless

  •  Grand Theft

  • Assault w/ Deadly Weapon

  •  Domestic Violence

  •  Kidnapping for Ransom

  •  Gross Vehicular Homicide

  •  Armed Robbery and Attempted Premeditated Murder.

Shasta County Criminal Defense Attorney: Welcome
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"Your Trusted Siskiyou, Trinity and Shasta County Criminal Defense Attorney"

Maybe you did the crime maybe you didn't.

Either way does not mean you are guilty.

Our team of legal investigators are standing by waiting to scrutinize police reports and witness statements.


Our law firm is exclusively devoted to the practice of Criminal Defense. We have 
successfully litigated in excess of 1000 criminal cases. 

Attorney Zavala is fluent in Spanish, as well as our entire legal staff. Our 
philosophy is that every client should be treated with respect, care and honesty. 

Accusations of Serious Criminal Offense need Serious Criminal Defense.

We do not believe that our clients should "plead guilty".

We are dedicated to providing you with the best criminal defense to reach a favorable outcome in your criminal case.

Our Criminal Defense Law Firm staff incorporates a well known private investigator with over 25 years of experience as a former LAPD Detective, Forensic Toxicologist and we consult with some of the best expert witnesses in the field.

Our Criminal Defense Team will conduct our own crime scene investigation

Our Criminal Defense Team will revisit the crime scene and conduct our own crime scene investigation. Including photographing,sketching and mapping the crime scene. Prosecution witnesses will be interviewed by our investigator and their statements to the police will be carefully scrutinized. We will do background checks on all witnesses as well as locate witnesses favorable to the defense.

We believe in protecting your innocence. 

Criminal Defense Attorney Zavala will keep you informed of your rights.

We routinely file legal motions to challenge the prosecutions' case. Such as 
Motions to Suppress Evidence Based on An Illegal Search or Illegal Arrest, 
Motions to Challenge a Confession Obtained in Violation of Your Miranda Rights, 
Motions for Confidential Records of Discipline or Complaints Against the 
Arresting Officers, Motions to Dismiss the Charges, and Motions to Obtain 
Evidence (such as a 911 Tape) and many others.

Our goal of providing valuable legal representation by keeping you in touch with up to date information on your case.

Together we will obtain the best attainable resolution along with our dedication to defending you as our client. We, your trusted Siskiyou, Trinity and Shasta County Criminal Defense Attorneys only represent clients who are as serious about their criminal defense as we are. For that reason, we only accept a small caseload. We believe that our clients are to be given the personal attention and aggressive representation they deserve.

Let our office strategize the most effective, aggressive and winning defense strategy possible in your case!

We will find the justice you deserve. 

Shasta County Criminal Defense Attorney: Testimonial



  •  I'm a proud Criminal Justice Attorney through and through. I have been privileged in representing the legal needs of some of the finest people in the community. My results speak louder than I can about the successes I’ve achieved for my clients. 

  • PEOPLE v. Enoch 

  • CHARGE:  DUI With Accident 

  • RESULT:  Charge Reduced to Unsafe Lane Change a Moving Violation

  • PEOPLE v. Johnson 

  • CHARGE:  Second DUI While on DUI Probation

  • RESULT: Charge Reduced to Exhibition of Speed

  • PEOPLE v. Barron 

  • CHARGE:  Commercial Burglary

  • RESULT:  Case Dismissed

  •  PEOPLE v. Chancler 

  • CHARGE:  Hit and Run

  • RESULT: Case Dismissed

  •  PEOPLE v. Albert  

  • CHARGE:  Statutory Rape

  • RESULT: Case Dismissed

  • People v. Gonzales

  • CHARGE:  Petty Theft

  • RESULT: Case Reduced to Infraction

  •  PEOPLE v. White

  • CHARGE:  Solicitation of  Prostitution

  • RESULT:  Case Reduced to Trespassing

  • PEOPLE v. Martinez

  • CHARGE:  Vandalism

  • RESULT:   Case Dismissed

  •   PEOPLE v. Moon 

  • CHARGE:  Petty Theft

  • RESULT: Case Dismissed

* As I truthfully tell every potential client, this does not guarantee outcome of your case, but it does guarantee that you are hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney with experience and proven success.

The F.M. Zavala Law Firm, Inc

1.  PEOPLE v. Flores 
CHARGE: Felony Gross Vehicular Homicide
RESULT: Jury Found Not Guilty

The F.M. Zavala Law Firm, Inc

2.  PEOPLE v. Ortega 
CHARGE:  Attempted First Degree Murder  
RESULT: Case Dismissed By Defense Motion

The F.M. Zavala Law Firm, Inc

3.  PEOPLE v. Zamhir 
CHARGE:  Assault w/ Deadly Weapon
RESULT: Jury Found Not Guilty

The F.M. Zavala Law Firm, Inc

4.  PEOPLE v. S. Williams 
CHARGE:  Spousal Battery
RESULT: Case Dismissed After Hung Jury Trial

5.  PEOPLE v. Robert S. 
CHARGE: Grand Theft
RESULT: Jury Found Not Guilty

6.  PEOPLE v. F. Guerrero 
CHARGE: Kidnapping For Ransom
RESULT: Jury Found Not Guilty

7.  PEOPLE v. Becker 
CHARGE: Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol
RESULT: Jury Found Not Guilty

8. PEOPLE v. J. Espinosa 
CHARGE: Second Degree Robbery with Strikes
RESULT: Case Dismissed By Defense Motion

Shasta County Criminal Defense Attorney: Clients

The Foundation of My Success

 Francisco M. Zavala Esq., is an established criminal defense attorney with experience representing diverse clients. The F.M. Zavala Law Firm, Inc has been serving the legal justice of individuals and businesses in the Siskiyou, Trinity and Shasta County area since 1997. Attorney Zavala possesses the academic credentials, strong community ties, and dedicated commitment to your legal success.

 Attorney Zavala is fluent in Spanish and Italian, and is a member of California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, National College for DUI Defense, Attorney Zavala is also a member of the Shasta-Trinity Counties Bar Association as well as the UCLA Alumni Association.
Certified as a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers- 1998.
Admitted to practice law in the United States District Court-Central District and in the
California Supreme Court- 1997
Mr. Zavala is listed in Who's Who in California, and Who's Who in American Law.

University California Los Angeles

Class of 1993

Political Science Major B.S. from UCLA Undergraduate School - Class of 1993.


Class of 1996

Attorney Zavala previously served as a Superior Court Judge Pro Tem and has a Juris Doctorate

HARVARD LAW SCHOOL & Hastings College of the Law, College of Advocacy


National College for DUI Defense & College of Advocacy

Contact me for more details about my professional experience and how that will help you.

Shasta County Criminal Defense Attorney: Resume

Accused of a criminal offense? Call us to retain your criminal defense attorney.

DISCLAIMER: Everything displayed on this site shall be regarded as general information and in no way should it be interpreted as legal advice. You should contact an attorney directly regarding your own situation. Note that an attorney-client relationship will only be established after it's determined that there is no conflict of interest.

Siskiyou-Shasta-Trinity County Criminal Justice Attorney


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